Multnomah Falls Elopement

Multnomah Falls Elopement 2 Multnomah Falls Elopement 3I had never photographed an elopement before.  This couple decided to travel all the way from Texas to get married at Multnomah Falls.  It was just the two of them, the officiant and me.  The bride, Ena, did wear a full wedding gown and even went hiking in it after the ceremony.  We tried to make it to the top of the falls, but Ena decided she couldn’t make it with her high heels.  We did get about half way up and photographed the whole trek.  The witnesses for the wedding were myself and the parks person who sold them the permit to get married there.  It had never occurred to Ena and John that they needed a permit, seeing as how it was just the two of them.  I’m sure they could have married without anyone noticing except for the wedding gown and suit.  As soon as the couple put on their nice clothes the ranger was right there to say “you know you can’t get married here without a permit.” What to do but pay the $200 and carry on.

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