Spring Is Here!

My Favorite season.  In Portland it actually started in late february.  Often that is the case, and then it lasts through June before the hot summer weather really sets in. 

The flower pictured above actually bloomed a few weeks ago.  The first flowers were starting around february 20.  Now everything is really in full bloom and many of the trees already have leaves!

Today it was 70 deg.  It’s suppose to be cool and rainy again tomorrow.

The End of the Sentinel?

The little newspaper I worked for has published its last print addition this month.  The photo above was used as an illustration for our February issue found here: Here.

For the time being, we are continuing to operate online.  There are a few people around this city that are trying to start a not for profit news agency.  We’ll see how it shakes out. 

Balam (pictured above) is the Director of Circadia Arts—A non-profit arts organization.  I hope it’s doing well.  Non-profit arts firms are having a rough go of it.  Read about the IFCC here:  http://bit.ly/9GDy8v

I hope they are able to come back.  The IFCC has meant so much to North Portland over the years.