Oaks Park

People scream on roller coasters at Oaks ParkWe thought about going to the State Fair on Labor Day, but opted instead for Oaks Park, Portland’s small, local amusement park.  Apparently, most of Portland had the same idea.  Also, several unions were having their Labor Day picnics on the park grounds.  This all made for a sea of people unlike I have ever seen before at this location.  Who’d of thought that one could wait an hour on line to ride the little kid’s roller coaster—but we did, as well did a lot of other people.  For a small ride, this coaster really throws you around.  Anika, my daughter, hid her face the whole way.  My camera almost flew off my neck a couple of times and my wife, Summer, waited for us at the gate.

Cloud Gate

kids under cloudgatecloudgateWhile I was in Chicago this past spring I noticed a few things that had changed since the last time I was there.  The most impressive new feature I saw was the sculpture Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor.  Located in the middle of Millennium Park, the huge mirrored form reflects the city all around it like a huge fish-eye lens.  It has an infinite quality to it and appears to have a completely different shape depending on from which angle it is viewed.  Not only does it capture a distorted image of the city, but it also captures the images of the people looking at it.

Salt Lake City

Cloud over Salt LakeAbout a week ago I ended a trip to Salt Lake City.  I was there for a few days doing some commercial work.  When I had a moment, I made it a point to get out and see some of the local scenery.

The Great Salt Lake has an average size of 1700 square miles but is only 30 feet deep.  There are no fish but lots of brine shrimp as I witnessed.  The photo above was taken about 20 miles west of Salt Lake City and was shot digitally in infrared.

Beer in Chicago

Earlier this month I spent a few days in Chicago to photograph the Craft Brewers Conference.  It’s a conference of beer brewers from all over the world converging for seminars, a trade show, and this year, the World Beer Cup—The Olympics of beer!

I was lucky enough to stay at a hotel in The Loop right along the river.  The conference site was just a few blocks away, so I was able to walk to my assignments.  The first few days there, Chicago was cold, wet and foggy—just like spring in Portland.  As I walked across the Michigan Ave bridge I could almost hear the theme song to the Bob Newhart show.  That dates me to be sure, but I could recognize many of the buildings from the opening scenes. 

I used to always think that Superman’s Gotham city was based on New York.  Now that I’ve spent a few days in The Loop, I know that the writers were thinking of Chicago.  The towering walls of concrete and steel were unmistakable.  Even the huge gothic skyscraper that houses the Chicago Tribune looked to be ripped from the comic books.