Return of the Night

Happy Equinox!

It will be six whole months of more darkness than light.  Autumn in Portland seems to have come all at once.  We went from desiccating heat and thick smoke to cool rain and clouds all in a day.  I’m sure that warm weather will return before winter sets in, but storm was welcome relief.

The change of seasons seems like a good time to restart the Photo Of the Day blog.  I’ll also be migrating the ten years of blog entries into this new web site.  Many of the old posts have already been republished by Summer, my wife.  Summer also designed this site.  See more of her work here.

Orchid on Film

black and white orchidLast year I gave an orchid to my aunt as a gift.  Before presenting to her I photographed it.  This picture was taken with some of the last of my Polaroid type 55 film.  I used my Graflex Speed Graphic with the stock 127mm lens.  Polaroid 55 was like no other film.  Now that it’s gone many people are trying to find some worthy substitute.  There is even a a small project to try create a new similar material.  Hopefully they will succeed.  I still have a little 55 left.  I better find a reason to use it soon.  Sadly, fine film is not like fine wine and does not improve with age.