Autumn leaves just outside of Hartford, CT

My girlfriend, Summer, really liked this picture, so I thought I would put it up for the 11th of November.  Even though fall has over a month to go it seems pretty much over to me already.  This photo was taken about 5 weeks ago.  I’m sure most of those trees are bare by now.  I think that this will be the last photo from my East Coast trip that I will put up for a while.  There will be more in the future, but right now I feel like moving on to something else. 

Cathedral Park

Next to my home

is Cathedral Park, located under the St John’s Bridge.  As the season changes to winter, I think back to the summer Jazz Festival when crowds of people came to sit in the sun and listen to music. 

This photo was taken from the bottom of the hill looking up into the arches towards St. Johns.  The park really looks like a cathedral if you stand under the top arch and look down the hill towards the river.