“The Singer”

This was one of my favorite photos for years.  It is a picture of a street performer taken in Seattle in 1992.  This was during a time I felt as though my photographic style was first starting to come into focus.  I still look at this photo often to help myself consider what it is that I am trying to capture in others when I take their picture.

Autumn leaves just outside of Hartford, CT

My girlfriend, Summer, really liked this picture, so I thought I would put it up for the 11th of November.  Even though fall has over a month to go it seems pretty much over to me already.  This photo was taken about 5 weeks ago.  I’m sure most of those trees are bare by now.  I think that this will be the last photo from my East Coast trip that I will put up for a while.  There will be more in the future, but right now I feel like moving on to something else.