Photographer in the Mirror

Welcome to the newly redesigned for Jason E. Kaplan Photography website. Once things settle down in Jason is looking forward to blogging again. Meanwhile I thought this would be a great image to start the new blog with, I’ve always loved it. In one lens of the smiling father’s sunglasses you see the bride reflected and in other man behind the camera.

Man Smiling with Sunglasses

The Blind Boys of Alabama

Blind Boys of AlabamaLast night the Blind Boys of Alabama played at Mississippi Studios.  It was great to see them in such an intimate venue.  It was almost like being at a house party and having the Blind Boys performing in the living room.  I saw them once before at the Roseland Theater about 9 years ago.  At that time there were still three of the original band members:  Jimmy Carter, Clarence Fountain and Georg Scott.  Since then Scott has passed away, and Fountain has retired due to health issues.  Carter, being the sole founding member, now heads the group.  They keep a full touring schedule even though Carter is now in his 80’s.  When I saw them at the Roseland, I had gotten free tickets from my girlfriend (now wife) who worked at a radio station at the time.  I thought it was one of the best shows I had seen.

One of the highlights was when Jimmy Carter climbs down from the stage and moves ecstatically through the crowd (with the help of a minder to keep him safe.) I was glad to see that he continues to do this now despite his even more advanced age.  It was especially harrowing this time as the crowd was packed to the rafters in the small Mississippi Studios’ performance space.  What made the show even better this time was that I was there reporting for Oregon Music News.  For some reason, any experience becomes more meaningful when I’m working.

Happy First Day of Winter.

Marshmallows with Santa

roasting marshmallows santa clausIt’s been a while since I’ve blogged—but now seems like a good time to return with renewed commitment.

When the Christmas tree was lit in St. Johns Plaza, Anika got the chance to roast marshmallows with Santa Claus.

At first Anika was a little afraid of the fire.  After a couple of minutes she said “this is kind of fun!”

Santa said, “yes, now that you know how to do this you can roast marshmallows at the beach or when you are camping…”

Anika interrupted “but this is especially fun because I’m getting to do it with Santa!” Santa chuckled uncomfortably.



When I was away with my family, we went to Oregon’s Wildlife Safari just south of Roseburg.  It was great to see animals having room to roam.  The giraffes are my favorites.  It’s difficult to appreciate their immensity from a distance.  Up close you can see not only the magnitude of their dimensions, but incredible strength and coordination that is required for them to move so gracefully.  From the side their necks look broad and powerful.  Seen straight-on they look thin and boney.