“Springtime in Missoula”

I feel like going to Montana.  But I can’t get away right now, so here is a little Montana for my site.  Missoula, this past June, looking towards the University from the Higgens St. Bridge over the Clarkfork River.  When I lived in Montana I crossed this bridge several times a day.  Those hills are really a lot closer than they look.  This photo was taken with a 19mm (very wide angle) lens.

“Arctic Horses”

This photo was taken in June of 1995.  It is along the Dempster Highway about 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle a little bit after midnight.  The horses appeared to be strays as there was no signs of anyone living in the area.  The strange color in the sky was due to a large forest fire farther to the South.  Later on in my trip I would be stuck in Dawson for several hours because that forest fire had closed all roads out of town. 

“There’s no news like old news”

It’s kind of a funny story.  After a long absence I was trying to get back in with the Willamette Week (a local newspaper) as a freelance photographer.  It was the aftermath of the May Day protests.  I heard there was another labor rally going one and I asked if WW if they needed any photographs.  They said they already had someone taking pictures, but they could use more.  It was an ongoing story, and they were going to need a lot of photos about it.  Now, I thought that “it” was the labor dispute between a local union and Powell’s chain of bookstores.  After all, that was what the rally was about.  So I photographed the protest.  In fact I shot 5 rolls of the protest.  I turned them all into the Willamette Week.  When the next issue came out I discovered that the story they were covering was the police presences, since there had been some controvertial uses of force during the May Day protest.  Needless to say, my photos were of no help and none were bought.  But, while looking at them tonight, as I was filing some old work, there were a bunch I really liked.  So I thought I would publish a couple here.